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But in general, the more in-demand you are, the more ability you have to say “no, I don’t do that” (the same thing with showing up for all meetings in a hoodie or only being reachable from 3-4 and only on Tuesdays, or whatever). Open-toed shoes at job interviews Most standards of professional dress are somewhat arbitrary; they’re conventions because they’ve become conventions, not necessarily because there’s any inherent logic to them.(Why are skirts okay but shorts of the same length aren’t?(I actually once disabled my computer’s camera and then couldn’t remember how to re-enable it, so that’s a possibility.) Of course, you should pay attention to cues.

I often work from home when I am not traveling, which usually means I am wearing sweats/pajamas with no makeup and a cat walking across my screen.

But whether or not you’re obligated to participate depends on how much standing you have as an outside consultant.

If they value you and your work enough, it might be no big deal to decline.

(But if you feel her manager won’t do it effectively — if she’s inexperienced or terrible at delivering difficult messages — you could step in and handle it.

But make sure that her manager is looped in and ready to back you up on this.) 2. I am a consultant who has regular contact with clients across the country, much of the interaction taking place over conference lines, interspersed with in-person visits.

Mika says her husband supported whatever she wants to do with her hair and it’s not about her hair but about her spending the money without telling him.



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