Does carbon dating support theory evolution


5), many of these quotes come from men who are not qualified biologists or any other relevant fields (or even qualified scientists at all).Throughout this review of the book, every quote mine will be pointed out and revealed, as well as every instance when the person is not a biologist or a scientist.Important note: Please be careful when you read a reference that includes one or more “...” spaces.Chances are very likely that something very significant was purposefully left out to alter the person's main message in favor of appearing anti-evolution. Many of the quotes in this book are highly outdated; Less than half (about 40%) of these quotes were made within the last 20 years. In fact, 15% were over 40 years old, going all the way back to Darwin's day and even one reference to Isaac Newton.For starters, rather than presenting actual scientific evidence, Comfort resorts to quotes, which is a fallacy known as appeal to authority.Comfort cites the popular press as though they are legitimate scientific sources who represent the full scientific consensus.


Creationists tend to use the Achilles Heel fallacy, and think if they can prove that there are no fossils or that a few of them were faked, then the entire theory of evolution is destroyed. There are vast amounts of data and peer-reviewed papers (which creationists obviously and deliberately ignore) examining the evidence for the Cambrian explosion and transitional fossils, and the fact is these “arguments” are wrong and have been known to be wrong for a very long time.Oftentimes, the quotes and claims that are outdated no longer apply because years of scientific research has built a stronger understanding of the theory of evolution (as well as many other scientific fields).


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