Did diane keaton dating keanu reeves


That is possibly the sweetest, most heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever heard.So, I’m guessing this is not going to be a kind of memoir.Gore Vidal and Jack Kerouac The story of Gore Vidal and Jack Kerouac’s night of passion is hazy at best, made still hazier because of the questions raised over Vidal’s credibility.


And I loved the way he drew me; he was the only person who ever got my mouth just right.” Vanessa Paradis & Lenny Kravitz Paradis is perhaps best known as the angelically faced (and named) popstar who went out with Johnny Depp for more than fourteen years.They were married in December of the same year, and Herb Ritts documented their romance in a musclebound editorial for Vanity Fair, titled Fated to be Mated.



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