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—Three Is Not a Crowd Dear Three, Teenagers are just impossible these days.Mom and Dad go out and get a perfectly nice girlfriend to share, and the kids totally destroy the great erotic vibe you've all got going with their insolent remarks like, "Ewww, gross!Two of her replies: If three or 12 consenting adults want to spend their evenings wearing tutus and smearing each other with Gorgonzola cheese, in the most loving way possible, that's fine by me.It's when you throw children into the mix that I have a problem with threesomes.S.: If you don't want to agree to onerous Terms Of Service when you register on a media network to comment, such as agreeing to receive spam, DJ Velveteen points out that Bug Me provides anonymous, temporary logins to comment boards on many sites.) Update!

I don’t know what dynamic is at work here that has your wife so insistent that it would undermine your family if you stayed home with the kids.

So polyamory is about getting a nice roommate to split the rent and help with the groceries -- who knew? 29, 2009: Your letter-writing certainly got noticed and remembered.

As for single parents and live-in boyfriend or girlfriends -- I'm against that too. Remember: we have swamped advice columnists in the past so heavily, and so persuasively, that they've actually gone back and publicly recanted. At the end of 2009, Prudie wrote a wrapup column on her "best and worst advice of the year." She devotes two long paragraphs to the unexpected "outpouring of condemnation I received for my sarcastic answer to the conundrum posed by the woman in a 'polyamorous' relationship with a couple." Sure, I'd heard of threesomes before, but naive and sheltered as I am, I didn't realize there was a whole movement (is it run by a troika? I know now, because many adherents denounced my narrow-minded, ill-informed response.

I don't care how loving the group is, you're not going to convince me that a husband and two wives or a wife and two husbands is in the children's interest.

I really don't understand the lifestyle, I'll admit, since I've gotten numerous letters like yours saying these threesomes are about love, not sex.But I can't imagine putting myself in the middle of such an uncomfortable living situation.


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