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The RDSPD provides instructional services designed to meet the individual needs of all students at all ages and grade levels in a variety of ways: a parent-infant program, site-based classes in the public school setting, and an itinerant program for students who are instructed on their home campus.

Development of audition, speech, language, and communication skills are emphasized throughout the program.

The handsome interpreter took the field during the national anthem, which was performed by Luke Bryan, and "America the Beautiful." While the country singer certainly delivered a swoon-worthy performance, many people on Twitter couldn't help but comment on Kriston.

According to the National Association of the Deaf, Kriston currently works as a news anchor at the Deaf Professional Arts Network.

The Waco RDSPD is established as a shared services arrangement between neighboring school districts within and surrounding Mc Lennan County.



This program is based in a stimulating and language rich environment.

Eligibility (as defined by the Texas Education Agency) is based on the type and degree of a documented hearing loss as well as the subsequent linguistic impact and educational need.

Only the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee can establish a student’s eligibility for services, appropriate instructional arrangement, setting, and placement.

The emphasis in the high school program is to solidify academic skills and thoroughly investigate a wide-range of course selections required for credit in core academic, elective, and vocational areas.

Auditory, communication, language, and speech skills are made stronger.

Parental involvement and training in the child’s home environment is the cornerstone of this program.


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