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“Guardian” has gone one step further in conjuring an ideal knight-in-shining armor, TV critics say.

“We’ve evolved past god-like men to actual gods, who don the appearance of good-looking human men,” said culture critic Jung Duk-hyun.

Ji is motherless, living with relatives who scorn her as a burden to their family, and ostracized at school; Dokkaebi Kim comes to provide for her material comfort and shelter.

Granted, the character is sprightly and determined to survive despite hardships, seeking out part-time jobs to support herself.

The male love interest in “Another Oh Hae Young,” which aired last May, is able to see into the future.

“With these abilities, the male becomes a savior of sorts to the female,” said culture critic Ha Jae-geun. But their very support of such characters could lead to a decline in women’s social status.” During the same period, meanwhile, dramas also saw a rise in independent, true-to-life female roles, suggesting that the Cinderella complex no longer has a footing in Korean television.

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Pero con las vueltas de la vida el conoce a Joo Jang Mi, la ex novia de su mejor amigo.The currently airing “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo” spotlights a heroine for whom a slim figure is not a priority.() “Guardian,” however, offers a female lead who is downtrodden and naive, reminiscent of the conventional “damsel in distress” type.“But it’s a shame she is unable to escape the Cinderella stereotype, especially when her male partner is so almighty,” says drama critic Kim Sun-young.

The fact that Ji is portrayed as a high school student has sparked further controversy.

, a higher spiritual being roughly translated as goblin, the drama series features actor Gong Yoo as Kim Shin, a warrior born centuries ago who, after being impaled with a sword, is transformed into an immortal with endless wealth.


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