Dating when to be naughty


Anything can really make you more interesting if you just have a good sense of humor about it!

In the nice guys defense – they DO actually have something better to offer a woman in the long run of what she SAYS she wants (love, trust, companionship, passion), but some women aren’t able to see it or see the everyday guy as something they want.

“ Men and Women don’t respect a “YES MAN” not having a mind of your own.

Someone with an opinion is someone that has the self-confidences that in turn makes you more attractive. there’s something exciting about a man or woman who is assertive enough to tell you what he wants.

The trick is to be exciting and desirable enough while still being a good, caring person.

Example- if you are a CPA for a living (), try taking up skydiving or some exciting hobby.

Maybe it is because the nice man or nice woman was simply just being too well…

What makes me laugh is that the realization makes them argue with me even more! The magic of a connection with a man can be extremely powerful. Women picking and staying with the wrong men is the single biggest topic I have with single women when calling me to coming to their first single event.

So why do women date and continue on with “bad boys”? Often powerful enough to undo all sorts of normal reasoning abilities like… It’s the most common reason why the thousands of women I tell me they can’t find the love and fulfillment they’re looking for. ” Men and women actually do prefer a real woman or real man.

Which why the wedding vows talk of Respect, Honesty, Loyalty and Love which is the basics anyone wants and needs in a good relationship.

I believe most healthy women and men act the way they want to be treated. You will find the woman / man for you that will rock your world.

A guy friend of mine once told me – I’ve had women in the past be the “nice girl” with me. The reason the attraction is killed is because in our subconscious, we react in ways you often can’t control and aren’t even aware of.


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  2. eric   •  

    I used to be able to find multiple women on Craigslist casual encounters in the past. It's terrible when it comes to the male to female ratios. Most women on there aren't even serious about meeting anyone. Your comment makes sense if someone is trying to sell a television or some office supplies. The best thing to do is see what the locals are using.

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