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It seems despite women having made great strides in educational attainment and at the workplace in modern societies, the traits women value haven't changed much.This is especially so in Singapore, even though the gender wage gap is lower than in other developed countries including the US, Germany, South Korea and Japan.WOMEN VALUE SOCIAL STATUSIn contrast, women seek out partners with social status and access to resources above other traits.

Evolutionary preferences will continue to influence our choices over a long period of time.In a cross-cultural study published in 2011, we asked participants to allocate tight budgets of “mate dollars” to construct their ideal partners.Compared with their American counterparts, Singaporean women tended to allocate an even higher proportion of their budget to the social status of a long-term partner.Although there is plenty of flexibility built into our brains, and other factors influence our decisions, there are also inclinations and limits imposed by psychology that evolved to serve our ancestors in a natural world that is quickly disappearing.

As far as dating is concerned, people will tend to retain these same preferences for a partner.Furthermore, because women are the reproductively more valuable sex and bear the costs of pregnancy, they evolved to be choosier about who their partners are.


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    Kijk vooral zelf welke site het beste voor jou zou werken, of kies alsnog een gratis proefabonnement of lidmaatschap uit de betaalde datingsites.

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    The website has earned a reputation of providing a safe platform for professional singles looking for potential partners.

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    The site has a matching feature that enables users to get a matching mate within a few minutes of subscribing. Casual Kiss Casual Kiss is one of the older online dating services.

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