Dating on a budget in nashville


This must-do experience is easy on the eyes, the ears and the heart.

Nashvillians refer to this street as the local lovers' lane.

The CMA Music Festival hits Nashville every June, and there are four days of great free music, featuring hundreds of artists performing at venues all over downtown in addition to the ticketed nighttime events. There are lots and lots of fun things to do around Nashville and the surrounding communities. and most Sunday night writers nights, Sunday Spotlights and Monday Open Mic nights have no cover charges. Tootsie's even puts on a free Birthday Bash street party concert every October. It airs at midnight on WSM 650-AM, 615-889-2474 or Sip a rosemary negroni while gazing out at the stunning Nashville skyline—that is, if you can tear your eyes away from your date. For a fun way to take in a four-course meal, dip your way through dinner at this Second Avenue eatery.The fact that it's an up-market chain doesn't change the fact that Nashvillians love cheese and chocolate.Pack sustenance for a picnic at Love Park, where outstanding scenic views make this adventure more sophisticated than one might have had in high school.

This is where Gunnar and Scarlett met and sparked their romance (on the TV show Nashville, for the non-viewers among us), and the authentic, down-home club is just as intimate in real life as it appears onscreen.

But, it's hard to believe how much of it is free...that's right zero dollars. Cheap 101 (wonderful) FREE things to do in 2017 in Middle Tennessee."Music1. Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.'s annual New Year's Eve and Fourth of July free concerts in downtown Nashville have become signature events for locals and tourists alike. The 2017 plays are "The Taming of the Shrew" and "The Winter’s Tale" for Centennial and "The Winter's Tale" for Academy Park. The Granville community has several festivals in spring, fall and holidays, with live music, arts, old-time crafts and a chance to check out Granville's Sutton Homestead with its 1880s home, blacksmith shop, grist mill shop, log cabin and weaving shop. The Nashville Public Library shows movies at many of its branches through the year. Regions Bank sponsors a Regions Free Day almost every month, offering a limited number of free tickets to local attractions, like Children's Theater, TPAC Hot Program, The Adventure Science Center, The Hermitage and more. Nashville Zoo rarely has free days, but it teams up with the Metro Police Mounted Patrol to do a toy collection drive in December in which they give out free admission coupons to people who donate toys.


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