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With this success, however, have come accusations of dumbing down.

For instance, Tout le monde en parle replaced the long-running Sunday night arts series Les Beaux Dimanches.

The only exceptions are for local and regional programming and commercials.

In 2007, Radio-Canada announced its intention to terminate its long-time affiliation with three regional affiliates in Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, and Saguenay.

It is limited to arts and culture and typically airs outside Quebec, especially in Acadia and the Western provinces.

For example, Zeste broadcasts on stations in the Western provinces on Saturday early evenings, while Luc et Luc airs Sunday evenings in the Maritimes.

Despite this, it has trailed TVA in the ratings for most of the last 30 years, roughly as long as its English counterpart has trailed CTV.

Its ratings have improved with offbeat sitcoms, and the talk show Tout le monde en parle.

Viewers outside Quebec were able to continue watching games via Radio-Canada stations until 2006 when RDS became exclusive broadcasters.Science and technology issues are covered in Découverte and agricultural and rural topics in La semaine verte.Consumer affairs are covered in L'épicerie and Facture From 1952 to 2004 the network was home to weekly French-language broadcasts of ice hockey matches involving the Montreal Canadiens, called La Soirée du hockey.Its headquarters are at Maison Radio-Canada in Montreal, which is also home to the network's flagship station, CBFT-DT.


It is the only francophone network in Canada to broadcast over-the-air in all Canadian provinces. It does not face such intense competition from American networks.

The regional newscasts used to be called Ce Soir (This Evening).


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