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The gap between “Final Fantasy XIII” and the next main single-player “Final Fantasy” title, XV, was eight years.

The reason why so many games are released completely broken and then get fixed post-launch is precisely because some studios literally can not afford to not release a game when it’s scheduled, even if it doesn’t work.I think it’s no secret that, due to immense cultural differences, the Japanese and Western gaming markets operate very differently in both the way their games are made and the actual products that are released to the public.Japanese games tend to be more “out there”, more cartoony and colorful, often being released on handheld systems like the 3DS or Vita (sometimes exclusively, other times alongside a console release).Japan, on the other hand, does things a bit differently.


For one, while in the West crunching for 10-12 hours in order to meet deadlines is considered an anomaly exclusive to game developers which tends to lower morale, in Japan extra long work days are common across the board, and even though they’re not particularly healthy, they’re considered the norm within that culture.

They experiment more, and when you pick up a Japanese game, you know that what you’re getting may not always be good, but it’s certainly going to be interesting and unique in some way.


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