Dating cagayan de oro city girls on line dating services protection

However, at the stage area of the Lifestyle District along Corrales Extension, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, they occasionally interchange their live acoustic acts with an actual live band.

You and your partner can grab a table and a couple of drinks after dinner and listen to the live music.

If you have a vehicle available, you can go out on a romantic dinner date at High Ridge.

It’s one of the best dinners you can have because the view of the city at night is simply breathtaking.

And please, eating at a Jollibee or Mc Donalds does not constitute a romantic dinner.

Unfortunately, the live band scene seems to have left the city completely, because you won’t find a single live band playing anywhere.

And since you’ll be tired and hungry afterwards, you can mosey over to…It doesn’t matter if you have a golden voice or a voice that melts gold; why not serenade your girl or boy with smoochy love songs or simply enjoy each other’s company by singing the songs that you both love, and damn the torpedoes in spite of your voices.You can also make it a group date and again invite your friends with partners and see who can sing the best love song to his or her partner.My visa was about to expire in Thailand, so I decided to visit him in CDO for my second trip to the Philippines.


One of his regular girls he knew from before was visiting him at that moment, she had flew in from Davao to spend a few days with him.

If you want to excite things, you can make it a group date and get your friends and their partners aboard.


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