Dating a man who smokes pot who is big time rush dating

It seems their relatonship is still kind of hidden in a way tat they don't show themselves as a couple from with coworker or friends.he said she is the only one who is very nice to him and helping him even with money and i am worried that he will start a family with her after 1 year and that is killing me.If you are as serious as I am about finding a weed smoking partner to love, then paying a few bucks to show off and potentially find them is well worth it. Or just laughing together about the whole experience...while you wander the streets laughing at life - together. Find an interest here, and then go find your partner for tonight or forever! It doesn't matter if you have a preference, this is a GOOD thing. Have some fun, be honest, let loose a little, and get a date who might bring their own stash! Come find me, or at least help me or someone better - find you. If you are seeking the added Karma of God in your relationship - You can date Christians, or maybe you prefer the Jewish faith? have you found your partner with what you have been doing? when he needs to take a break from worrk couple of hours she is always changing him and replacing him at work to give the time to do whatever he needs.I told him i don't want our kids to see him or me with somebody else for at least 1 year to help them out dealing with the separation.


He is seeing the kids almost everyday, he is a very good dad but and i think i could live with him as a friend but I cannot get pass the fct that he is still with her.They don't live together he is living in the hotel where he work and she can spend the night with him when he wants.


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    That said, don’t post negative dating stories (even if you think it’s funny), fear-based thoughts, extreme political views, or pictures that reflect a lifestyle that may not be attractive to a mature man or woman who is relationship-ready. That’s what phone calls with close friends are for, and an actual journal is the perfect forum for this.

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