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Because text doesn’t wrap, new line characters in the text do not apply and so they are displayed as a “non-printable” character.9.2.1 Custom Sorting Using the Sort Compare Event The following code example demonstrates custom sorting using a Sort Compare event handler.By default, text in a Data Grid View Text Box Cell does not wrap. This is similar to setting a Text Box’s Text property to the same text when the Text Box’s Multi Line property is false.

To enable this, two versions of the filtered list (subcategory) needs to be created.

Lastly, the sample uses the tooltip control to display a custom tooltip when the mouse is over the cell to indicate what the problem is.

This sample could also be written as a custom cell that overrides Get Error Icon Bounds method to provide a location for the error icon that was independent of the padding. As discussed in the data section above, you can use virtual mode to display additional data along with bound data.

In a desktop environment the user (the consumer of our DAL) creates an instance of our strongly-typed Data Set and is able to fill one, or several, Data Tables, and call methods on these.

These methods will include (helper) methods to fill, or re-fill, the Data Tables, and update the data-layer.Nonetheless, everything that is demonstrated in this tutorial is still relevant even if you decide to extend Table Adapters and build a separate BLL, or take some other approach.


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