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A plugin for the server was also introduced and used in Seasons 14 and 19.

Called the Mumble plugin, it added directional audio, meaning that participants would sound as if they were in the direction they actually were in the game when they speak.

This season of UHC occured shortly after its two year anniversary.

There were no guests this season and the mumble plugin, which was used in Season 14, was replaced with the usual group Skype call.

The season was started after April Fools Day, when Baj made his UHC 15 prank to tease his subscribers.

This made Team Cheaty Hot Beef (Pyro, Nebris, and Vintagebeef) the winners of Season 15. They dedicated their win to Vintagebeef, who sadly died early on in the season.

This season ended in a failure; Vintage Beef decided to continue after the deaths of W92Baj, Guude, and finally Pause Unpause, leaving him as the only survivor.

He accidentally left one healing potion behind, which was later found by Etho, making a grand total of four people who obtained potions this UHC. Season 12 featured two guests: Seth Bling and JL2579.Team Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling fought All Business in the Midnight Battle of Twin Peaks.In addition, can I just say old man willakers was absolutely hilarious in this series and I would recommend watching his videos.For the first two seasons, the goal was to slay the Ender Dragon.


Once this was achieved, a PVP aspect was introduced into the event, which has remained the focus of it since.Generikb was unable to attend due to the fact that he was in the middle of moving to Bulgaria.



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