Danica patrick dating

In Danica’s autobiography, “Danica: Crossing the Line,” she tells of how she had to fight to be taken seriously. Since returning in 2002, she’s consistently driven for major racing companies and set repeated records.

“I knew I had arrived as a driver, and it felt great,” she writes of a race in Japan she competed in as a rookie. This was the first time I had started in the front, and I knew it was my first real chance of the season to show these boys what I was made of … From 2005 to 2012, Danica was married to Paul Edward Hospenthal, whom she met when he was her physical therapist.

The two have been dating for 5 years and when our camera guy asked DP if the rumors of her being engaged were true or just a little joshing around.

"I was ready yesterday." What followed was one of the most awkward hugs in LAX history, and most likely a quiet Uber ride home.

That's how I've always approached my racing career.

I've been lucky enough to make history and be the first woman to do many things.

She is by far the most successful female in the history of US open-wheel racing.

Patrick started with go-karting when she was only ten years old.


But I think people didn't see it coming."Hopefully we can continue to change that trend and continue to keep on and plug away.

has heard the questions before, so they don't necessarily surprise him.



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