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So vielseitig die Songs, so unterschiedlich sind auch die Texte der Band, in denen sich der Humor und das Lebensgefühl der fünf Musiker wiederspiegeln.

In lautmalerischen Bildern setzen sich die Stücke mit der Leichtigkeit des Lebens, mit dem Spaß an Partys und einem relaxten Route 66-Feeling auseinander.

Das Resultat, das die Musiker selbst unter das Motto „oldschool auf die Fresse – ohne Kompromisse“ stellen, wird Rock- und Metal-Fans gleichermaßen überzeugen.

Dieser Service ist für Geschenkbestellungen nicht verfügbar. Lesen Sie die Nutzungsbedingungen für weitere Informationen und Kosten, die im Falle einer Stornierung oder Rücksendung anfallen können.

It is considered the second deepest cave at Psiloritis and when it was firstly discovered (1989) it was the deepest cave in Greece.

It is a 70m deep well with a large opening (7m wide) that allows light to penetrate for several meters, permitting the growth of vegetation on its walls.

People lived in caves thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the prehistoric carvings in the cave Skordilakia by Asfendou.

This burial cave was used mainly during the Neolithic and Minoan period.

It is located next to the village Tso, today called Agia Triada.

The cave is located on the road to the deserted beach Livari and 400 feet above it, where there are remains of the ancient harbor of Ziros.

It is a Spelunker's World Cavers say that Crete has some of the most challenging and spectacular caving systems in Europebut even first-time cavers can enjoy its underground scenery.

Caving | Zoniana | Idaean | Diktaean | Melidoni | Cave Diving The existence of numerous caves is inextricably linked to the rugged topography of Crete.

Besides the caves of religious or historical value, Crete has more than 4.500 mapped caves and sinkholes, available to each experienced speleologist who wants to enjoy their rich decoration and fauna.


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