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With invite links for groups, all you have to do is send a link to your existing group chat in any messaging service that your friends might still be using.

As soon as they get Telegram, they can instantly join your Telegram group just by following that link. Once you've created a group on Telegram, head to the "Add participant…” section and tap “Invite to Group via Link”.

However, they will not be able to see, send, or respond to messages with students in the Cytology classroom until they change their active classroom to Cytology.

You can change your currently active classroom by clicking on the context menu on the left side of Go Guardian Teacher and selecting a different classroom from the Active Session menu: Click here to return to the table of contents.

If you run more than one Go Guardian Teacher classroom at a time, you will need to change your currently active classroom to see messages for each different classroom.

For example, if a teacher is concurrently running the classes Biology and Cytology, and has Biology selected, then they will be able to see, read, and respond to student messages in the Biology classroom.

Valentin immediately realized that this linden, for those “facts” about which so diligently reported informer, him did not appear.


If a student receives a message from multiple teachers in multiple classrooms, they will be able to see, send, and respond to each of them in the Conversations menu.

You can learn more about how to designate teachers and helpers here: Setting up teacher accounts and Adding teachers and Helpers to a classroom.


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