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Slavic Village was settled in the late 19th century by Poles, Czechs and Bohemians who’d been imported to break a strike by native-born workers at the Cleveland Rolling Mill.

They worked ten hours a day, six days a week, for wages that kept them just a bit more comfortable than barnyard animals, and built 0 cottages with even smaller mother-in-law cabins out back.


From owner to low-income renter, the house was moving down in the world.

Only a neighbor who mowed the vacant lots prevented Classen Avenue from reverting to pre-settlement prairie.


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    Also, when a sister dates a brother and vice versa, often times this expands to at least one more relationship between houses, if not more.

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    You may have a boss who is like this, but you're not able to (or willing to) quit. Here's what to look out for: If you believe you're in close quarters with one at home, work or in your circle of friends, here are some tips to help you stay sane: Make friends with people who will let you talk and safely vent.

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    Love energy can be hard to read because attraction for another person clouds our view.

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    Lauren played with her old toys, when a man wrapped in a white sheet entered the room and started approaching her.

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    Parship originates in Germany and is one of the most popular matchmaking sites in that country.

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    In fact, we’ve come up with some of our own ideas, in an attempt to cash in on the growing reality-TV mash-up phenomenon!

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    , Hamm and Johnson were spotted drinking wine at a New York hotel on Thursday night after Hamm made an appearance at the Brooklyn Black Tie Ball.

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