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Charlize Theron had sexual relations with women during her younger years. The Academy Award-winning actress has admitted to sexually experimenting earlier in her life - but Charlize insisted she "really like dudes". But, it was pretty clear that I really like dudes." The 41-year-old beauty also thinks bisexual love is under-represented in movies. It was fun." Charlize remained coy about her unnamed man, but admitted she enjoyed spending time with him, describing their date as "fun". Her hits included "I Only Want to Be With You," "Wishin’ and Hopin’," "The Look of Love,” and "You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me," and "Son of a Preacher Man."Dusty Springfield Comes Out: Dusty Springfield considered herself to be bisexual said in 1970, "I couldn't stand to be thought of as a big butch lady. They frighten me." But others who knew her said Dusty didn't have an issue with her attractions to women.But I know that I'm as perfectly capable of being swayed by a girl as by a boy." This was quite a thing to admit in 1970, just one year after the Stonewall Riots. Rather, she just wanted to be accepted for loving women.(Shockingly, “are you single” seems to be a question that comes up often for Jonathan and Drew!

She said in an interview with The Advocate in 1978, "I had never, from the age of 16, been out to dinner with anyone. While in recovery, she met an American actress and the two were wed in California inthe late 70s (although gay marriage was not yet legal.) However, that relationship was not healthy and later Dusty admitted it was an abusive relationship.The romance was not long-lived, but it was passionate.Pope told The Advocate, "I will tell you one of my most intimate memories of Dusty.She will be missed." Melissa sang "Son of a Preacher Man" at her memorial service.

Janis Ian said of her, "Dusty recorded my song `In the Winter,' and from that moment on I felt I'd never be able to do the piece justice again. There aren't many singers you would beg to do your material, but Dusty was one of them.I thought you just went to bed with people." Perhaps Dusty struggled with her attraction to women. Dusty Springfield and Carole Pope: The one female partner that is out about being lovers with Dusty Springfield is Carole Pope.


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