And non validating parsers Free female cam chat no credit card to join

Note that when processing invalid documents with a non-validating processor the application may not be presented with consistent information.

For example, several requirements for uniqueness within the document may not be met, including more than one element with the same id, duplicate declarations of elements or notations with the same name, etc.

XMLDTDScanner Input Source(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.

XMLDocument Scanner Impl$DTDDispatcher.dispatch(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.

For MRM and DFDL parsing does validate against the model but restrictions are only checked if validation is enabled.


With validation enabled XMLNSC based parsers will validate that the message adheres to the emssage model and will check all restrictions / schema facets defined in the schema for validity.XMLEntity Manager.start Entity(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.


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