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Recently TLC has began running promos for the new season of LA Ink, the first season to include Kat Von D's new "soulmate" Jesse James.

This got some of our more investigatory Action Rangers to thinking, and put together a piece that sadly proves something many of us didn't want to believe. Deductive reasoning dictates that a pattern is the strongest proof towards the truth.

He is also the founder of the popular online platforms named Tattoodo.

Apart from his tattoo career, he has stepped into Hollywood as a producer and actor and has established himself as a leading artist in his field of tattoo art.

Since the downfall of the third reich and the waning of the KKK, supporters found themselves more and more ostracized, so in order to spare themselves the scorn their beliefs produce, many would hide in plain site like cowards.

The german government recently published a paper on over 140 new symbols nazi sympathizers are using to hide themselves in plain site.

Some of us, didn't want to believe because shes a female in charge and thus a kind of role model, others because they are also tattoo enthusiasts, and others simply because Kat Von D is super hot, and don't want to yank it to a nazi. Now in 2008 Kat Von D was accused of giving the Jewish Ami James a head shot with a swastika and a burning Star of David and it read, "Burn in hell jewbag." She denies ever writing it, but Miami Ink artist Chris Garver stated that Kat Von D herself handed him the head shot to give to Ami.

After Ami received it, he requested TLC investigate and they say they did and found no evidence she did it.


"I think that I'm his type on a different level than people would assume," Von D said. Past evidence indicates that James might have a predilection for women with Nazi tendencies.

SO in conclusion it can be positively stated that Yes, Kat Von D is more than likely a nazi sympathizer, white power supporter, and general ignorant sack of shit.


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