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Could be lab, beagle mix or multiple breeds including shepherd, dobie.

Very sweet and friendly - played with kids and our dog..

Please take the time to come check the facility for your dog, as this is the only way to know for sure if your dog is here.

Our shelter is located at 1801 Mahoning Road NE in Canton. He's dark brindle in color, furless in areas due to Demodex.


He has a red name tag with his old Cincinnati address but a good phone number for my mom. Red healer mix, no collar, friendly but took a while to get him to come around people. Knows basic commands, you can tell he has had some training.

You should also visit the Humane Society located on Peach Street in Nimishillen Township. He's always an outside roamer but always comes in at night, haven't seen in a few days. Our 4 years old, neutered French Bulldog has went missing around 7pm at our Homeworth home.


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