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We will not discuss here the ways of testing dating hypotheses, which is a rich and generally well-understood subject.

The second statement refers to a less commonly broached topic which needs to be clearly formulated in order to be subjected to a more rigorous hypothesis testing.

Despite the progressive accumulation of independent phylogenetic evidence for post-emergence colonization (reviewed in refs 13, 27 and 28), some authors are still reticent to adopt this new view, as epitomized by M. This author argued that i) molecular dating could be corrupted by poor calibrations and ii) lineages could be considered to be locally permanent if they hopped between neighbouring islands.

Methodological as well as theoretical discussions in defence of molecular dating have been recently addressed.

The results of this meta-analysis provide strong evidence for refuting the hypothesis of a Gondwanan refuge with a biota that originated by vicariance.


This view mainly relies on NC’s old geological basement and the local occurrence of relicts.

This means that there are few old groups in the region, contrary to the expectations of the Gondwanan refuge hypothesis.



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